Web Development Questions

It all depends on the deliverable, the dates you have selected, as well as the urgency of the website. In execution: we are capable of developing your website as soon as we receive all the content that you will need to display. The duration of your website development can vary between a few days for a simple website to a few months for more complex development tools. If we have a complete sitemap structure and the necessary content, then we can give you a more accurate estimated time it will take to complete development.
We have a very competitive price structure. We ensure to deliver the project we are given and the most important thing is delivering the service you require and creating a long lasting relationship with you.
Firstly, we would need to understand the type of website you will need us to build. knowing this key piece of information allows us to determine the design and physical attributes of the design of your website. All content we receive provide a good start in addition to the website but will constantly need upgrade to keep the standard and appeal of your website. Key information include: - Your logo - Your color scheme - Your content (business information) - Website imagery - Digital & Printed content - Product/Service Information
We have had many clients ask us this question, and the truth is the ranking of your website on google depends on quite a number of factors. The algorithm that google operates with recognizes multiple things that cause a website to rank higher. That can very from relevance of content to the keyword search to how well your website links are put together. Another thing that can improve your website ranking is Paid and Organic advertising growth. Organic growth being how well coded and labeled your website is, which in turn increases its visibility on the internet. Paid growth occurs through running Ads on google (Google Adwords etc)
Keywords in the world of SEO (Search engine optimization) can either be a single word or a combination of words that form a sentence relevant to the service you deliver or a product you have. These keywords are relevant because they are what "people" come online on google to search for. Keywords that you select to dominate your website or to use in advertisement should one way or the other connect to your niche market demographic search path. Keywords are very specific and should take into account the number of searches that specific keyword has on google. Whenever you use the internet and you search for something on google, you type in a keyword to initiate your search. For example, if you are searching for "Tomato farms", you may enter that as your keyword search. Google's search engine will then return what it determines are the most relevant links and pieces of information for your keyword, that can vary from links to pictures or videos etc.